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Read about Temple Beth Elohim’s new Religious School Program in the Plainview Patch.

Religious School

Overview/Mission Statement

The Religious School of Temple Beth Elohim is dedicated to bringing its students to an understanding of God and their relationship to the world around them. Our teaching conveys the ethical, moral, and spiritual values inherent in Judaism. Our goal is to develop a knowledge of, and emotional attachment to, holidays and life cycle events, Biblical and historical events, ancient and modern customs, and both theoretical and practical applications of the Hebrew language.

Our aim is to strengthen and broaden students’ identification with their ancestry and the customs of those who came before us, and to enhance their knowledge and commitment to Jews around the world, with special significance and importance toward the State of Israel.

We strive to involve our students in programs which clarify the concepts of Reform Judaism while noting our similarities and differences from other Jewish movements.

In summary, our mission is to prepare students for full participation in Jewish life.


A year-long celebration of being Jewish! Students are introduced to the wonders of God’s creations and the mitzvah of tzedakah. They will learn about the holidays through storybooks, songs, and crafts. Students will be introduced to all aspects of the synagogue, including the people who work here, and proper decorum and actions while here.

Students will develop an understanding of what it means to be “A Jewish Child.” Their Jewish identities will be enhanced through commonly shared holidays and traditions, celebrating with stories, songs, and crafts. Through Bible stories, students will explore their own special qualities that God gave to them. Students will also focus on tzedakah, and will get their first taste of Hebrew.

During this year students will focus on the Jewish calendar, Jewish values, and the Bible, incorporating the basic structure of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet (alphabet) into each lesson. Students in the Second Grade will also be introduced to Our Jewish Homeland – a study of Eretz Yisrael.

Relating the stories of our past to their present, students will learn how to make the “old” new again. Students will become familiar with the Bible through stories and the heroes who made them happen. They will also focus on what it means to be Jewish and how they can rise to the challenges placed upon them. Students will formally be introduced to Hebrew as they begin to learn letter and vowel recognition. Our Third Grade curriculum will include lessons on Israel, with special focus on geography and the Israeli people.

Students will experience all the important elements of the synagogue: The sanctuary, Religious School, social functions, clergy, and worship. Hebrew instruction is enhanced as students now attend our school twice each week for instruction. Students will delve deeper into the explanations of the holidays we celebrate, as well as go further into exploring the Tanakh, our Bible, beyond the Torah. Finally, in a very special ceremony, each incoming Alef Hebrew student will be presented with their very own copy of our Movement’s prayer book, Mishkan T’filah at a Shabbat Family Worship Service.

This will be a year of enlightenment for the students in our Fifth Grade. They will study about Jews from around the world, and our connection with them. They will also explore in greater depth, concepts of Jewish thought, customs, and practices. They will define their Jewish identity through the study of Jewish moral and ethical tradition.

Students will be introduced to the Jewish heroes and role models who have made a commitment to Jewish life and ideals. Through their class participation and their research, students will bring their heroes to life. Students will teach their peers and the school community about the contribution(s) that their heroes have made to Jewish life and the Jewish community.

On the cusp of becoming B’nai Mitzvah, Sixth Grade students begin to focus on becoming the future leaders of our faith. The curriculum reflects our need to teach about Jewish history, focusing on our experiences in the United States and Europe. Students will examine our people’s struggles for religious tolerance and freedom through their study of early Jewish immigration to the U.S.A. and the Holocaust. We will temper this material by presenting a wonderful unit on celebrating the Jewish Life Cycle, from birth through death.

Students will also expand their knowledge of Israel by investigating the roots of the ancient and modern State. The curriculum includes lessons on the Israeli government, culture, history, and people.

During mid-week classes, Cantor Pilatsky will teach the skills needed to chant Hebrew from the Torah in preparation for becoming B’nai Mitzvah.

Students will explore more of themselves and their personal relationship to the people and places around them. They will research and create their own Jewish family tree during an extended unit on Jewish family history. We will remind students about the importance of fulfilling mitzvot, and we will connect the entire Religious School experience to the students’ own continuing maturation into young-adulthood.

Students will master the prayers and chants used in the Torah service through drill, reading, and games. Students will continue to build their self-confidence through mid-week worship services. Our goal is to achieve a comfort level for our B’nai Mitzvah students and foster a continuous recognition of prayers and worship format.

Special Needs

YAD B’YAD (Hand in Hand)

We are proud to offer a class for our students with individualized learning needs. This program provides a positive and nurturing learning experience in a stress-free environment. Admission to this class will be considered after a formal application is made to the Director of Education, who will consult with the Rabbi and our Yad b’Yad teacher. Please schedule a conference with the Director of Education if you feel your child(ren) is in need of the extra attention this class affords.

Class Parents

School wide programs are successful due to our parental support and efforts. If you are interested in becoming a class parent or class helper, please contact Deborah E. Tract, Director of Education.
The TBE Religious School maintains a strong partnership with our Parents.

Please get involved!

School-wide Projects and Events

TBE Religious School strongly believes in social action projects. Currently, TBE is collecting slightly used clothes, toys, housewares, etc…for a school in Corona, Queens P.S. 19.
Please bring all donations to the Religious School Hallway.

Community Service Opportunities

under construction

Hebrew High School


Students in Eighth through Tenth Grades meet on select Tuesday evenings for our Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation programs. These students share dinner, recite HaMotzi and Birkat HaMazon (the blessing after meals), and then break into smaller groups for study with the Rabbi and Cantor. This program is structured around Judaic core classes.

Eighth and Ninth Grade core courses meet with Cantor Pilatsky. They are designed to explore issues faced by teens in today’s world, and suggest ways to deal with them from a moral Jewish perspective.

Tenth Grade students learn on a separate track with Rabbi Churgel in a year-long course which includes Torah study, an exploration of the formation of early Rabbinic Judaism, and, the structure of worship. In addition, the Confirmation class will explore a wide range of contemporary issues of relevance to Jewish communal life and to individuals’ Jewish journeys.

Hebrew High School students will occasionally gather together as one group to hear speakers, watch and discuss films, or participate in other educational group experiences and holiday observances.

Students who complete the Hebrew High School curriculum through the Tenth Grade will participate in Confirmation, observed on erev Shavuot.

Post Confirmation

Jewish learning is never ending, and neither are the educational opportunities for our youth. Eleventh and Twelfth Grade students are encouraged to continue their Jewish studies beyond Confirmation through our newly introduced Post-Confirmation program. Post-Confirmation students meet monthly on Thursday evenings with Rabbi Churgel. The curriculum is fluid and is driven by the interests of the students as well as current events. Post-Confirmation students who participate through the 12th grade will be honored at a special Hebrew High School Graduation service to be held at the conclusion of the school year in the late spring.

Adult Education

Each year, the rabbi and cantor offer classes, on a range of topics, for the adult members of the congregation. These classes are designed to offer our congregants an opportunity to celebrate becoming an adult bar or bat mitzvah (though not a prerequisite). Some people never had the opportunity as youngsters, some want to renew their commitment to Judaism, and some just want to learn for the sake of learning. Whatever the motivation for taking the classes, the topics offered are varied and enjoyed by all who participate.

Lifelong Learning

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Youth Groups

Temple Beth Elohim has two successful youth groups for children in grades 3rd to 8th. Our Director of Education, Deborah Tract has been running our Youth Group programs for five years. Mrs. Tract believes that being a member of a Temple’s youth group creates a sense of belonging to a community and furthers a child’s Jewish identity.

Our Junior Youth Group is from 3rd to 5th grade and our Senior Youth Group is from 6th to 8th grade. Monthly programming consists of Mitzvah programs, live entertainment, parties, dinner, trips and more. Friendships are formed, laughs are heard and plenty of smiles to fill a room.

Membership is $90.00 per year. Events, dates, programs are listed monthly. If you have not signed up, take advantage now and join in the fun.

If you have any questions about the Youth Group programs, please contact Deborah E. Tract @

TBE Library

The Temple Beth Elohim library is located in the religious school wing. The library contains a collection of adult and children’s books relating to Judaism. It is a reference and lending resource for our congregants, our school, and our professional staff. The library is open on Sundays (when religious school is in session) from 9-11 a.m. If you need access at other times, the office staff can assist you. Instructions on how to check out books can be found in the library.

The library catalog search is now available! Click on the link below to see what our library has to offer!

Temple Beth Elohim Library Search